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Work that we can automate today

This workflow helps simplify the task of creating and processing new contracts.

This workflow helps you keep data clean and consistent in HubSpot.

How to send a Webflow form to ActiveCampaign and enrich

Create a process in which invoices that you receive via email are automatically filtered and forwarded.

Give new clients a warm welcome via a range of tools when they sign their contract. 

Bookmark link to add contacts to your newsletter in Mailchimp.

This workflow adds new contacts to your newsletter subscriber list in Mailchimp based on a label that is given to an email.

This workflow sends an email to the accountancy software with the instruction to create a new client.

This workflow labels a contact in a prospecting database in Airtable when they do not reply in Lemlist. Then it is manually assessed what the next step should be. We purposeful do not collect this in a CRM to keep it tidy.

Not all replies in Lemlist are opportunities. As you do not want negative replies to end up as deal in Pipedrive, we manually assess the replies in Lemlist. Positive replies are marked as opportunities. These are then pushed to Pipedrive as deals.

Push all replies from Lemlist to the lead inbox of Pipedrive. In the lead inbox you manually assess every reply and convert leads to deals if they are interested.

Turn your sales pitch into a template note and pin this to the deal when it enter a certain stage.

This workflow adds contacts to an email sequence to ask how the work you've delivered is progressing. Naturally, you can ask if they need any help.

This workflow automatically sends a postcard using Handwrytten to every new client.

This workflow adds new contacts to your newsletter subscriber list in Mailchimp. Optionally, this includes a double opt-in email loop.

This workflow adds contacts to an email sequence in Autopilot on a predefined date in the future. 

The workflow adds new organisations, persons and leads for new Typeform submissions. In most cases, this Typeform is embedded on the website as a contact form. We choose to create leads (not deals) in Pipedrive, and convert them manually to deals.

This workflow helps you to keep data clean and consistent in Pipedrive.

Sync the data between 2 or more applications so that when fields change in 1 applications it also changes in the others.

When you start working for new clients you often need to sign a digital processing agreement (DPA). You can simply use tools such as Google Docs and SignRequest to send automatically send contracts to all recipients.

This workflow automatically send a contract to freelancers and then creates a Task in Asana to make sure you will follow-up when they not sign.

Onboarding a new client consists of repeatable tedious tasks. Also, these tasks are often forget or not properly done so that e.g. documents are spread over your Google Shared Drive

This workflow updates the funnel stage in Pipedrive when a client books a meeting through Calendly. As a result, deals are always in the right stage.

Create an alternative email address that is used to create tasks in Notion. Simply email yourself to get a task in Notion.

Ready to automate your operations?

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