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How Replicable can set up a CRM and automate it for you.

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The tool stack we're used to working with. We keep growing the tools we work with new projects and new opportunities.


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The tool stack we're used to working with. We keep growing the tools we work with new projects and new opportunities.

This workflow adds contacts to an email sequence in Autopilot on a predefined date in the future. 

Onboarding a new client consists of repeatable tedious tasks. Also, these tasks are often forget or not properly done so that e.g. documents are spread over your Google Shared Drive

This workflow helps you to keep data clean and consistent in Pipedrive.

Not all replies in Lemlist are opportunities. As you do not want negative replies to end up as deal in Pipedrive, we manually assess the replies in Lemlist. Positive replies are marked as opportunities. These are then pushed to Pipedrive as deals.

The workflow adds new organisations, persons and leads for new Typeform submissions. In most cases, this Typeform is embedded on the website as a contact form. We choose to create leads (not deals) in Pipedrive, and convert them manually to deals.

Push all replies from Lemlist to the lead inbox of Pipedrive. In the lead inbox you manually assess every reply and convert leads to deals if they are interested.

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Working with Replicable allowed us to move quickly.

When I started working for Woolsocks we needed a system to do local field sales in multiple cities in Europe. I had already decided that I wanted to work with Airtable, but needed someone for the setup. Replicable helped us configure the Airtable and tailor it to our needs. This included forms, databases  and automations.

Zeno van de Ven
Zeno van de Ven
CCO at Woolsocks
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Strong systems are needed for us to meet our growth ambition

Revolt has a team of strong executors, but we lack people that can systemize our way of working. We have a powerful growth ambition, so we need automations, templates and SOPs to grow that fast. Especially when talent is so scarce. Replicable helped us with that on a continuous basis.

Jeroen van de Ven
Jeroen van de Ven
Founder at Revolt
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I couldn't fix it myself and the expert at Replicable solved it in 30 minutes.

For some reason we could not send any emails from This was super frustrating as I had just started in this role, and this was my first own project. It took me a lot of time, but couldn’t fix it. Then, I hopped on a support call with the expert of Replicable and reconfigured my DNS settings in 30 minutes. Well worth the investment.

Michael Beens
Michael Beens
Sales Executive at Movelo
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No expensive monthly fees, but support when we need it.

Replicable configured our Hubspot account and tailored it to our needs. Over the past 1,5 years we could reach out to them when we needed help. We schedule a 30-minute call and they move independently and fast afterwards.

Han Dieperink
Han Dieperink
Chief Investment Strategist at Auréus
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Tool Stack Audit &
Automation Opportunities

Let our experts look at your current tool stack, processes and automations to see where you can save time.

What we do

  • Tool Stack Audit - understand which tools you’re using and if this fits your best possible tool stack
  • Automation Audit - if you have running automations in Pipedrive, Zapier or other automations.
  • Operations Audit - what are the core processes that need to be 100%. Our consultant will look at the core operations and how to scale them and make them reliable.
Tool Stack Audit & Automation Opportunities


We lay the technical foundations for automation-first operations, build first proof of concept projects and train your teams.

What we do

  • Immprove your toolstack
  • SOP creation
  • Tool implementation & optimisation
  • Build automations
We lay the technical foundations for automation-first operations, build first proof of concept projects and train your teams.

Video call support for your favourite tools

You can build automations yourself, but sometimes need a little help with that one small thing you can't figure out. We're here to help. In a 30 min video call we'll talk you through the problem while you share your screen and explain the issue.

What we do

  • Troubleshoot the issue
  • Explain how to solve it
  • You fix the issue yourself with our knowledge
  • If you don't want to do it yourself, of course we can solve it for you outside the call
Support on your tool stack

Configure your CRM

Before Replicable: You either do not have a CRM or you collect contacts in Excel or Google Sheets. The result is that you miss opportunities as they fall through the cracks. You do not gather input on your deals, so you have a hard time analysing your sales funnel. After Replicable: You have configured a CRM that fits and supports your existing sales process like a glove. This allows you to grow the team and scale up sales. Before you start the day you clean up the sales funnel using automated workflows, email templates and contract templates.

The first step in building your sales machine is choosing a CRM that fits your existing sales process. You should pick a CRM that aligns with your current sales process, e.g. it does not make any sense to pick Hubspot as a CRM if you are doing sales by an outbound motion. As Hubspot is built on inbound principles, you will not make use of many of the features Hubspot offers (and miss features that do support).

Also, do not overcomplicate things. If you don’t know, create a simple CRM in Airtable and make the switch to a ‘real’ CRM when you have more information.

Having said that, we often use Pipedrive as a CRM. Pipedrive has many of the features needed to execute a sales process, but still is lightweight and simple to use.

What we do:

Configure the funnel stages based on the actual process

Sync with Calendly

If you use a scheduling tool, sync the stages of the deal based on the type of Calendly booking. Example: if you book a Qualification Call with Thomas from Jopp the deal stage will be updated to ‘Call scheduled’ (see above)

Configure all fields in Person, Organisation and Deal

You want to make sure that you collect the right data to A) create proposals quickly and B) make analyses to improve your sales machine. 

TIP: Want to track where your revenue comes from? Then add the variable ‘source’ and make it mandatory. This will give you great insights later on. 

Configure the Google sync.

You can sync your contacts, email and calendar. It’s a 2-way sync. This means you can send emails from Pipedrive. 

Create a specific note for your sales call

This way, you can collect data according to a fixed structure. Do not stick to the template per se, but improve your template every month or so to anchor your learnings. Once the sales script does not change that much, you can opt it to a more strict script in e.g. - a tool we often use. 

Import you contacts, organisations and deals in Pipedrive

Once the setup is done, you can add all your contacts, organisations and deals to Pipedrive. Based on the import, you can map the field from your CSV export to your fields in Pipedrive. 

Ready to automate your operations?

Our automation experts can probably find improvements in your current tool stack, automations or processes. Feel free to contact us for a free audit.

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