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Sales Follow-up Flow

Sales Follow-up Flow

Schedule a follow-up flow and have it sent automatically in 3-9 months based on what you've discussed with the potential client.

Sales Follow-up Flow

What's included

We send these follow-up emails from Lemlist, because it accommodates plain-text email. You want to send through plain-text because you want them to think that it is a one-on-one email.

Configure Lemlist

Before you can send emails we configure your Lemlist account.

  • setup DNS
  • choose the right plan
  • warm-up your email domain
  • create a signature

Write cold email sequence

We have templates ready that we use and alter based on your specific situation

  • write an email sequence consisting of 2-3 emails

Setup integration with your CRM

Sales Follow-up flows are sent from Lemlist, but activated in your CRM

  • configure the trigger in your CRM
  • setup the automation to push data from your CRM to Lemlist
  • configure a sync to log back information from Lemlist to your CRM


There are lots of people that are interested in your product or service, but when timing is bad they probably will ask you to contact them back 3-9 months later. When you have a system in place that follows-up these leads, you will winback leads in the future with ease.

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Stefan in 't Veld
Stefan in 't Veld
Stefan is the co-founder of Replicable and is specialised in building automated processes.

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