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Pipedrive Setup

Configuration of your Pipedrive account and transfer of existing CRM data, so that you can start using Pipedrive right away.

Pipedrive Setup

What's included

You'll receive an email with the request to book a meeting. In this meeting we discuss the setup and make sure we have all the information we need to do our work.

This is what we'll do: 

Configure your account

Before we import the data we need to configure the sales funnel and determine if we need any extra variables.

  • 1 hour call to understand your sales process
  • Configure the stages in the funnel
  • Determine when a deals enters and exits a stage
  • Add variables to contacts, organisations and deals
  • Setup syncs between Pipedrive and Google Workspace (email, contacts, agenda)
  • create email templates from the emails you send the most

Import your data

You probably have your CRM data stored somewhere. Could be excel, paper notes or another CRM. We help you import your existing CRM data into Pipedrive.

  • Export contacts, organisations and current deals
  • Clean the data and much sure contacts, organisations and deals are interlinked
  • Import contacts, organisations and deals into Pipedrive
  • Write briefing to update the deals into the right funnel stages
  • Write briefing


  • live demo for you and your team
  • 3 personal support calls (30-mins) that can be booked via our website

Before we start building we have a 1-hour online session to better understand your business and sales process. Without looking a systems or processes, we want to understand how things work in practice. Based on these insights we configure the sales funnel and add the variables. When this is ready, we import all existing CRM data from the tool your are now using. When we are done, you have a Pipedrive account that is ready to go.

Do you have any question? 

Feel free to contact us.

Stefan in 't Veld
Stefan in 't Veld
Stefan is the co-founder of Replicable and is specialised in building automated processes.

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