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Nurture Flow in Pipedrive

Nurture Flow in Pipedrive

Send potential clients relevant information on your product and market between the first meeting, and a follow-up meeting 6-9 months in the future.

Nurture Flow in Pipedrive

What's included

As an alternative to Mailchimp or Autopilot, now you can also send these kind of HTML campaigns through Pipedrive. This way, you can keep this into 1 tool, making it easier and more cost-effective.

Configure your email account

Before you can send emails we configure your email account.

  • Add sender
  • Verify the domain

Create the emails

To move fast, we use external content and repurpose them into emails that fit your tone-of-voice and helps your product to stay on top-of-mind with your potential client.

  • desing a HTML email template in Pipedrive
  • find 3-5 blogs that we can use to repurpose
  • write the emails
  • add the emails to Pipedrive

Build the workflow automations

Once the emails are ready we add them to the workflow automations in Pipedrive

  • configure the triggers
  • configure the filters for deals and activities
  • build the workflows
  • Add the emails to the workflows

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Stefan in 't Veld
Stefan in 't Veld
Stefan is the co-founder of Replicable and is specialised in building automated processes.

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