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eCommerce OS

A complete operating system to run your eCommerce store. Project management, marketing planning and a full growth suite to increase the revenue.

eCommerce OS

What's included

Project Management

Manage your projects, tasks, meeting notes and internal wiki all from one suite. Get actions & information across the team, so you can have less meetings and get more done.

  • Project Management - prioritise projects and collaborate in real-time
  • Tasks Overview - link tasks to a project and hand over tasks to colleagues.
  • Notes - a simple overview to keep track of meeting notes, no more items falling through the cracks
  • Wiki - create your internal knowledge base, so new team member work in the same way as you do

Marketing Planning & Execution

From idea to a live campaign, have everything under one roof.

  • Campaign Planning - create an over-arching campaign planning to align campaigns with email campaigns and social posts
  • Newsletters - have one single overview of all email campaigns
  • Social Media posts - create, approve & comment inside Notion
  • Brand - share brand guidelines, logos and tone-of-voice with freelancers to keep everything aligned

Growth Management

Everything growth related, all in one place and aligned with your marketing team.

  • Growth backlog - let people from inside and outside your team share ideas on how to improve your funnel
  • Experiments - process of running experiments
  • Change log - keep track of changes in marketing & website. What have we changed to affects conversion rate or other metrics?

Store management

  • Analytics - quick links to the most important dashboards. You can even embed your Google Analytics if you want
  • Returns - have an overview of all returns, the reasons behind them and a way to make sure payments are done correctly
  • Company info - have a single page with all the company information for your team, like IBAN, VAT number etc

Project walk-through

Marketing walk-through

Growth Management

Store management

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Ewoud Uphof
Ewoud Uphof
Ewoud is a growth hacker with 10 years experience and building automations has always been a part of scaling companies.

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