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Complete operating system for digital agencies

This operating system for digital agencies contains everything you need for a complete overview, happy customers and less stress in the team. Running successful client projects is challenging enough. Focus on doing more great client work and have everything managed in one place.


What's included

You’ll receive a Notion template you can copy to your own account. The template includes tutorial videos on how to set up.

What’s inside:

  • Objectives - Share your agency’s objectives with the team so everyone is aligned around your goals or OKRs
  • Projects - Manage your projects the way you work: table view, Kanban (Trello) or timeline. When you change the priority of a project, it changes in real-time for everyone.
  • Tasks - Create grip and overview by sorting your tasks based on due date, project priority or grouped by project. Calendar view and Kanban are also available.
  • Notes / Meetings - templates for general meetings, open issues and thinking time. Stay on top of your meetings by easily moving the tasks from the meeting into the task database.
  • Analytics - create an embedded view to your Google Analytics so you have everything in one place
  • Agency wiki - Create internal wiki with questions and answers based on templates in the AgencyOS

Manage clients & sales

  • Client Portals - Create nicely designed pages that you can share with clients directly. The portal is based on a template that is changeable to your preferences. This way each client has all your information in one place: your team members working on the project with a picture & contact details, onboarding steps for the client for self-onboarding and meeting notes from meetings with your team.
  • Sales pipeline - A simple CRM where deals, companies and contacts are interlinked for an overview of your sales pipeline.
  • Companies - keep all company information in one place, including a smart way to export so you can upload a CSV with company details to your bookkeeping
  • Contacts - store the client’s information in Notion so your team has access to up-to-date client information.
  • Proposals - create proposals based on a template, so you can work faster.
  • Instructions - videos with explanations of how the template works.

Homepage walk-through

Client Portals walk-through

Streamline communication with your client through a centralised portal. Decide which tasks to keep internal and what to share directly with the client. This way, the client has access to all information and minimises the need for status updates.

Agency Objectives walk-through

Having the team goals visual every day means more alignment around your growth goals.

Project Management walk-through

Tasks walk-through

Have an overview of all the tasks

Meeting notes walk-through

With templates for meetings, you’ll ask the right questions and unify the agency handles of meetings.

Sales pipeline walk-through

The sales pipeline is combined with the Projects database, so you don’t have a separate view for a sales pipeline, but deals are always in view so you don’t have forget to follow-up.

Proposals & Invoices walk-through

Create proposal templates and link invoices to approved proposals, so no more back-and-forth between finance & project teams (even if that’s both you :D)

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Ewoud Uphof
Ewoud Uphof
Ewoud is a growth hacker with 10 years experience and building automations has always been a part of scaling companies.

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