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Set your working hours in Google Calendar

Set up working hours in Google Calendar.

Pro tip: Add focus time to Google Calendar

Add focus time in your Google Calendar and share the calendar with colleagues. This way, they can see if you’re available or offline. They can also see when you will probably come back online.

Schedule recurring tasks in Calendar

  • It’s possible to schedule recurring tasks at different frequencies (daily, weekly, monthly or custom). You can have a meeting recur every 2 weeks
  • Recurring meetings should always have an end date. This prevents meetings from cluttering up the calendar while they should’ve been cancelled weeks ago. When the meeting range ends, you can always create a new meeting, but you have to add everyone again. This is a great way to verify if all attendees are necessary in the meeting.

Add multiple calendars so you have one overview of your own calendars and others

It's possible to get access to other people's calendars. Go to  Add to Calendar in Calendar Settings. Search based on the email address to request access to a calendar.

There are 2 ways to share your calendar: full details or just free/busy only.

Share it with your organisation (everyone in Google Workspace) or with specific people. I wouldn't recommend sharing it publicly, because anyone can see your calendar that way.

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Use colour coding for different companies or projects


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Master your focus
Working smarter

Master your focus

Minimise distractions from your devices, get control by keeping your focus and feel on top of work, instead of being distracted and feeling overwhelmed.


Working smarter

Align daily tasks with OKRs and higher goals
Smooth collaboration for any team size
Onboard new people in days, instead of weeks